On to the Spring Arch!

Hey, Sky Fans! How’s things? Happy Friday.

I only have time for a quick post today, but…

Why is mid-May one of my favorite times of year in the sky? I’m really glad you asked. If you look to the west all night, you’ll see a few stars sprinkled just above the horizon. From left to right (from our POV), those are Procyon, Pollux, Castor, Menkalinan, and Capella.

These are some of the bright stars that guide us through winter in the northern hemisphere.
So, what we’re seeing here is the last of the Winter’s lights fading into the dusk. The Winter Hexagon has moved through, been sliced away, and is now reduced to a broad and stately arch.

This weekend, the crescent #Moon is with them, too, making its last trip through the Winter Hexagon for the season. In just a couple weeks, these stars will all disappear into the west until October, when they pop back into the night in the east. #Mars is out there, too, but might be hard to see. Binoculars will help, and so will the Moon on May 15.

Look for the Moon, Mars and the Spring Arch This Weekend!

I hope you’ll head out and look this weekend. Clear skies, everyone!


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