What’s Up October 19-22, 2018?

Here’s what’s up in the skies this weekend!

* One Moon
* Two Meteor Showers
* Three Planets
* and a Whale’s Mouth


The Key to the Night Sky!

Hey, Sky Fans! The middle part of October might be my favorite time of whole year to watch the sky. There you have it. It’s true. As some old constellations head out, exhausted from a long summer, we get to see some newer ones inch back into the night. If you, or a friend, are […]

Six October Meteor Showers!

Hey, Sky Fans! What’s happening? Something good I hope. Around here, I got the laundry folded and I have one of those vanilla Tootsie Rolls, so things are… all right. You know how it is. Hey, if you happen to be tuning in from Tootsie HQ, here’s your million dollar idea: put the vanilla Tootsie […]