Five Naked Eye Things, June 8-10!

Hey, Sky Fans! Did you read the news yesterday, oh boy? It turns out NASA, by way of the Curiosity rover, has found ancient organic molecules on Mars. This suggests that many years ago, Mars could have supported life. It doesn’t say there was life, just that there’s some good evidence that there could have […]

The Moon, Saturn, and… The Galaxy!

Hey, Sky Fans! Did you get a load of that Moon last night? Wow. It was right up alongside Venus a couple of weeks ago, Jupiter over the weekend, and last night it was, in a terrific triangle with Joops and Antares. We’re off into the Moon’s wonderful waning phases! I love seeing a waning […]

The Full Flower Moon!

Hey, Sky Fans! As the Sun sets tonight, head out and look for the last full Moon of spring. Full Moon is when the Moon is directly opposite the Sun in Earth’s sky. It rises at sunset and sets at sunrise. Tonight, head out and see the Full Flower Moon in the constellation Scorpius, near […]

The Memorial Day Sky!

Hey, Sky Fans! Sorry I didn’t get a chance to post this quick one last night. I got distracted by popcorn. Tonight and off into next week, look up and see the big, bright Moon slide across the sky, sidle up alongside Joops, and make its way toward full as the giant star Antares and […]

A Waxing Gibbous Moon

Hey, Sky Fans! It’s Memorial Day weekend here in the US. Thank you to everyone who has served and given their lives to protect us. For the unofficial start of summer, here’s last night’s Moon rising into the night, etched into the blue and hiding in plain sight. I love how my phone’s camera manages […]

Quick Announcement: Email Address

Hey, everyone, If you came out to my talk about Light Pollution tonight, thank you. Together we can make something big happen. More on the talk another time, but first things first. It turns out I gave out some business cards that I made a mistake with, and they don’t have my email address. If […]

First Quarters and Little Kings!

Hey, Sky Fans! I hope you had a great weekend. It’s Monday again, yeah. I know it don’t thrill you. Here’s something great to look forward to tonight. First quarter is the phase when the Moon is off to the left as seen from over Earth’s north pole while facing toward the Sun. It’s the […]