A Beginner’s Guide to The Geminids!

If you need a hand finding your way to seeing the Geminids, which peak on December 13, have a look here.


Five Facts about Apollo 17!

Hey, Sky Fans! Forty-five years ago today, at 12:33 AM December 7, 1972, the engines at the bottom of another Saturn V rocket came to life, and Apollo 17 rode off Cape Canaveral’s launchpad 29A and headed for the Moon carrying Command Module Pilot Ron Evans, Lunar Module Pilot Harrison “Jack” Schmitt, and Commander Gene […]

Sundays and Sun Dogs!

Hey, Sky Fans! Welcome back to the working week. It’s a gorgeous day here, chilly, but not cold, birds are getting ready for the holidays, a few scattered clouds, but nothing with nothing, as my grandfather used to say. Imagine that with the gruff accent of a guy who spent his whole life near Brooklyn, […]

New Word of the Month: Month!

Hey, everyone, I hope you’re having a great week so far. I wanted to share my new Word of the Month column, which the terrific folks down at BBC Sky at Night Magazine published toward the end of last week. This time around, it’s a word I’ve had in mind for a while… Month! I […]