New Word of the Month Column: Syzygy!

Hey, everyone! I’m excited and thankful to the great people over at Sky at Night Magazine for publishing my latest Word of the Month column. This month, I talk about one of my favorite words in all of English, syzygy. I hope you’ll click through, give it a read, like, comment, share, etc. Thanks!

Solar Eclipse | NASA-TV Coverage

Originally posted on How I See It:
NASA plans thorough coverage of the 21 August solar eclipse according to this announcement. Highlights will be broadcast live from unique locations coast-to-coast, aircraft, spacecraft, and the International Space Station. So, if you are unable to put yourself in the centerline, you can still see this life-changing event.…

The Full Sturgeon Moon!

Hey, hey, sky fans! Happy Friday! What’s happening this weekend? Anything fun? I hope so. This is my second post today, so, really, how much more fun can you handle? Here’s a tip. I can be a numbskull sometimes (really, Scott, you?) and I went off to do some other things thinking I was finished […]

Important: Eclipse Glasses and Filters

Hey, everyone. I wasn’t planning on writing about this today (or, really, at all) but this is important. It seems some people have decided it’d be a good idea to try to cash in on August 21’s solar eclipse by selling counterfeit eclipse glasses as if they were the real thing. They even faked the […]