Photo Friday: Pinwheel Galaxy* (M33)!

* Usually Known as the Triangulum Galaxy Hey, Sky Fans! Happy Friday! It’s been really hectic week (just when you think there’s only so many soccer practices…) but here we are at the first weekend of summer, here in north. A couple of weeks ago, we took a look at the Pinwheel Galaxy (Messier 101). […]

Word of the Week: Solstice!

Hey, everyone! There’s this house, a small, dusty brown, adobe-colored place with turquoise shutters, a couple of turns off the main road that runs near my house, which¬† I walk by with my family from time to time. In the summer, its small and efficient front yard, which is unremarkable the rest of the year, […]

Five Naked-Eye… Umm… Things!

Hey, Sky Fans! Well, well, Friday is here again, and all the world is chirping. June’s flying by, and the solstice is less than a week away. Are you ready for the summer? This means, here in the north, we’re just about in the most day-timey week of the year. More daytime means less night, […]

Word of the Week: Opposition!

Hey, Sky Fans! With so much happening, it’s hard to keep up. If you’re a fan of orbital geometry, and who isn’t (am I right?), tonight’s the night for you. Overnight tonight, June 14 into June 15 (US time) the planet Saturn will be at… OPPOSITION! Saturn’s been making its way into the evening’s skies […]

June Post-Its!

Hey, hey, everyone! Happy Monday (wasn’t that a band in the 90s? It’s twistin’ my melon, man)! I hope you had a great weekend. While we’ve all been busy with our water skiing and our hot dog-eating contests, a bunch of stuff has been going on in space that I’ve only very slowly had time […]

Photo Friday: Pinwheel Galaxy (M101)!

Hey, Sky Fans! Happy Friday! It was, for me, has been an exhausting and mildly defeating week; one that ended with fewer teeth than it started with, and more than one feta-related incident, at long last, we’re almost there. I got the tea, and I have this new 30th anniversary version of U2’s Joshua Tree […]

The Full Strawberry Moon!

Hey, Sky Fans! There’s a lot going on around here today, so I need to make this one snappy. I promised I’d remind you about this, so away we go! Your skies tomorrow night, June 9, will be alight with the Full Strawberry Moon, June’s full Moon. It’s so named because of all the strawberry […]