Venus at its 2017 Brightest!

A quick astroprogramming note, Sky Fans. That really bight thing that’s been looming in the western skies a couple hours after sunset is the planet Venus, the super-toxic, crushing atmosphere one. Other than the sun and Moon, Venus is the brightest thing in the sky, and it’s at its brightest for all of 2017 for […]

Word of the Week: Node!

Hey, everyone! Thanks for spending some of your Wednesday here! And, before I forget, a happy 453rd birthday to Galileo Galilei. With his early telescope, he was the first person to see Jupiter’s four big, conveniently named, Galilean moons (Io, Ganymede, Callisto, Europa), and saw Venus’s phases. This opened the door for him to get […]

Welcome back, Jupiter!

Hey, hey, sky fans! Well, it’s a big week in the skies. Everyone’s favorite spaceship of 2016, the cloud-skimming Juno probe, is back in the nighttime skies! Huzzah! Welcome back! From here, half a billion miles away, though, we’ll only see it as the giant, comet-swallowing, reflective ball of gas it’s been orbiting since last […]

The (Eclipsed) Full Snow Moon

Hey, Sky Fans! February’s full moon, which will be up in your skies this Friday, the 10th, is called the Snow Moon, thanks to all the heavy snows that will usually have piled up by this time of year. I’ve also seen it called the Hunger Moon, because there wasn’t much food left come February. […]

The Moon in the Winter Circle

Hey, sky fans! Tonight has been kind of a cool night under the stars, if your skies are clear. The waxing gibbous moon has been making its way across the Winter Circle over the last couple of nights. Earlier tonight, it was very close to right in the middle, and it was gorgeous. For the […]

The Eclipses of 2017

Hey, everyone. Don’t you hate the weekends when you look back and have nothing to show for those couple of days? I threw something together for this other, non-astronomy writing project I’m working on, and it makes no sense. Funny, I don’t remember writing it at 3 A.M. after an extra beer. Always be writing, […]

A Superb Owl Star Party!

Hey, Sky Fans! Happy Friday! We’ve made it through another week. Here’s to you for getting through. Here in the US, it’s a big weekend. Sunday is the… the… big game…. I don’t want to get on the wrong side of Big Football, Inc., so, let’s call it the Superb Owl… yeah… I’m no football […]