Tired Nights with Pi Orionis

Hey hey, sky fans! Happy World Radio Day! I love that there’s a day to celebrate radio. It’s one of those things that exists in a place somewhere between obsolete and completely useful. Podcasts are easy and everywhere, but there’s something about the squelch and static of radio. Ahh… the comfort of nostalgia knows no […]

Rocket Launches, Exoplanets, and the Sky

Hey, Sky Fans! Thanks for stopping by. I’ve had quite a lot going on lately; most of it good, so I haven’t been able to write as much here as I’d like. Thanks to all of you who’ve been reading and who have followed recently. Once I get through this pile of papers on my […]

The Full Cold Moon!

Hey, Sky Fans! How are you? How was your weekend? I’m sure you’ve read the news by now. This coming Wednesday night, January 31, is going to be a busy night for the Moon. It’s the Super Blue Blood Moon! Yeah, that’s a lot of adjectives. Typically February’s full Moon is called the Cold Moon, […]

The Moon, Hyades, and Pleiades!

Hey, Sky Fans! I hope you’re having a great week. Around here, the skies have finally cleared, and we’ve had a couple of great nights under the skies. I love stepping out into the night after a long day, finding my way to my favorite south-facing spot, and just looking up, no screens needed…. or […]