Major & Dwarf Planets and their Moons!

Hey, Sky Fans! Who’s up for a quick list? Here’s each major and dwarf planet, its biggest moon, and the number of moons each of them has: Earth: Moon (1) Mars: Phobos (2) Joops: Ganymede (69) Saturn: Titan (62) Uranus: Titania (27) Neptune: Triton (14) Pluto: Charon (5) Haumea: Hiʻiaka (2) Makemake: S/2015 (136472) 1 […]

Constellations, Occultations, Oppositions!

This post originally was originally published in a slightly modified form in the newsletter of the Westchester Amateur Astronomers. If you’re looking for a great bunch of people to amateur astronomize with, check them out. Hey, Sky Fans! The thing about watching the sky with the naked eye is the subtlety of the things we […]

So, You Want To Find a Planet?

Hey, Sky Fans! It’s Friday! I hope you have a great weekend ahead of you. Maybe head out and see if you can find the four naked eye planets that are easy to find in the sky. Can see speedy Mercury, too, and make it all five? is a great bunch who put out […]

Saturn and the Full Strawberry Moon!

Hey, Sky Fans! How are you today? I’ve been very busy lately, but wanted to say hi, and tip you off to a couple of great things happening in the skies. I’m not sure how much time I’ll have to write this summer, but let’s start here and see. This is a really exciting week […]

Five Naked Eye Things, June 8-10!

Hey, Sky Fans! Did you read the news yesterday, oh boy? It turns out NASA, by way of the Curiosity rover, has found ancient organic molecules on Mars. This suggests that many years ago, Mars could have supported life. It doesn’t say there was life, just that there’s some good evidence that there could have […]

The Moon, Saturn, and… The Galaxy!

Hey, Sky Fans! Did you get a load of that Moon last night? Wow. It was right up alongside Venus a couple of weeks ago, Jupiter over the weekend, and last night it was, in a terrific triangle with Joops and Antares. We’re off into the Moon’s wonderful waning phases! I love seeing a waning […]

The Full Flower Moon!

Hey, Sky Fans! As the Sun sets tonight, head out and look for the last full Moon of spring. Full Moon is when the Moon is directly opposite the Sun in Earth’s sky. It rises at sunset and sets at sunrise. Tonight, head out and see the Full Flower Moon in the constellation Scorpius, near […]