New Word of the Month: Trans-Neptunian

Thanks to BBC Sky at Night Magazine for publishing my Word of the Month for September! It’s Trans-Neptunian!


You Can’t Hide Forever, Mars!

Hey, Sky Fans! How goes? How’s things today? I hope you’re doing well. As we come up on another weekend, you might be kind of surprised to learn that we’re at the last weekend of summer here in the northern hemisphere. Autumn rolls in with the equinox on Friday, September 22. Maybe it’s already starting […]

Thank You, Cassini!

Hey, Sky Fans! A couple of weeks ago, I found my favorite south-facing spot and sat, staring up at the sky. Just the stars, the katydids, and me in my autumn sweater. I love katydids, don’t you? As I looked up at the waxing Moon, my eyes wandered along and came across the planet Saturn. […]