Happy Aphelion Day!

Hey, Sky Fans! How’s things going today? Here in the States, Independence Day is tomorrow. July 4 is a big deal, but it’s also another holiday, an astronomical one. These two are always tied together in my mind. Happy Aphelion Day! What’s that? Let’s step into the ol’ science… talking… thing… First, remember Sir Isaac […]

Monday Night with Leo and Ice Pops

Hey, Sky Fans! How was your view yesterday? Around here, as the Sun made its way behind the hills across the river, I headed outside with my kids; a dinner picnic on the lawn. The first of the early-season fireflies fluttered and flickered around us. Among talk of the pros and cons of various types […]

Photo Friday: Pinwheel Galaxy* (M33)!

* Usually Known as the Triangulum Galaxy Hey, Sky Fans! Happy Friday! It’s been really hectic week (just when you think there’s only so many soccer practices…) but here we are at the first weekend of summer, here in north. A couple of weeks ago, we took a look at the Pinwheel Galaxy (Messier 101). […]

Word of the Week: Solstice!

Hey, everyone! There’s this house, a small, dusty brown, adobe-colored place with turquoise shutters, a couple of turns off the main road that runs near my house, which¬† I walk by with my family from time to time. In the summer, its small and efficient front yard, which is unremarkable the rest of the year, […]