Four Planets In The Morning!

Hey, Sky Fans! Well, it’s overcast where I am, and it’s been a pretty busy day. Lots going on, but the good news is the rain has stopped, I’m over my flu thing, and I’ve almost finished reading The Good Earth, by Pearl S. Buck. Somehow I never managed to read this one all these […]

Dark Skies, Everyone!

Hey, everyone. In November 1988, and I’m having as hard a time believing it was 20 years ago as you are, I stepped off, or was shooed off, a dolmuş and watched as the beaded curtains in the windows disappeared into the exhaust and dust along the bumpy, cracked road a half hour drive from […]

Happy Perihelion Day 2018!

Hey, Sky Fans! Wow, 2018. Here we are again, with the regular, let’s say terrestrial holidays out of the way, today brings us to another astronomical holiday, Perihelion Day! Earlier today, Earth reached the closest point in in its orbit around the Sun; its perihelion! Then, it was about 91.4 million miles / 147.1 million […]