Five Facts About Aldebaran!

Hey, Sky Fans! Well, here we are, another Friday. We did it. Another weekend, just about here. Here’s to you for making it through, especially if the pollen count around where you are is as high as it is where I am. I hope you have something good to look forward to; a movie, some […]

Word of the Week: Meteor!

Hey, Sky Fans! Welcome back! Were you able to see the Lyrid meteors last week? I wasn’t; clouds. Thinking about meteor showers got me thinking about the word meteor and how it’s a bit of a confusing one. Let’s do this. It’s a three-fer this time! Meteor! We have three similar words to talk about […]

Anyone Planning on The Big Eclipse?

Hey, everyone! How’s everyone today? There’s this solar eclipse lined up for later this year. It’s on the calendars for August 21, the birthday of two (two!) of my¬†friends. In case you haven’t¬†seen the news, this is the first time a total solar eclipse has crossed US air space since the 1970s, and the first […]

Five Facts About Apollo 16!

Hey, Sky Fans! Happy Earth Day! This week is the 45th anniversary of Apollo 16’s launch and it becoming the fifth mission to land astronauts on the moon. So, in honor of that, here’s five facts about Apollo 16! Go! Commander John Young, who also flew on Apollo 10, was one of only three astronauts […]

The Lyrids?

Hey, everyone. Happy Friday! A while back, I ran into someone I know from around town. We had a nice chat and he asked me why I don’t often write about meteor showers. He was right. I don’t. I love meteor showers, but don’t have good luck with them. I’ve had the pleasure, luck, and […]

Word of the Week: Bayer Designation!

Hey, Sky Fans! A couple of weeks ago, I mentioned the southern constellation Crux, the Southern Cross. “Mentioned” is one way of phrasing it. Swooning might be another. We also talked about a star called Rigil Kentaurus. I said that it’s the star we often call Alpha Centauri; the closest star system to home. It’s […]

A Farewell To Mars

Hey, Sky Fans! I just came back in from a cup of coffee outside; in a quiet, little out-of-the-way-place, just me and the just-about-third quarter moon. I love these morning phases, especially with a cup of coffee. I hope you’ll have a chance to have a look, too. Anyhow, the planet Mars, the one with […]