Primary Moon Phases, April 2021!

Hey, Sky Fans!

Happy new month! We’re already a quarter of the way around the block again, if you can believe it.

Now that we’re into spring, it’s a good time to shake off some of the cold, get out there, and look up. What do you like to look for this time of yera? For me, Leo’s really where it’s at. We’ll talk more soon…

But first, the moment you’ve (probably not) been waiting for, here’s the <radio voice> Moon’s Primary Phases for April, 2021! </radio voice>

…and the crowd goes wild.
Primary Moon Phases, April 2021
  • Last Quarter: April 4 UTC
  • New Moon: April 11 EDT / April 12 UTC
  • First Quarter: April 20 UTC
  • Full Moon: April 26 EDT / April 27 UTC

Let’s see… the Moon’ll swing past Jupiter and Saturn in the early morning on April 3 an April 4, but it’s a thin crescent just before sunrise. Then, by mid-month, April 14 and 15, it crosses between the famous star clusters of Taurus the Bull; the Pleiades and Hyades. Those are early crescents and should be stunning. Then on April 16 & April 17, it’s Mars’s turn.

Other than that, not a very busy month, no, but if you can check it out on March 19. On that night, the Moon, not quite at first quarter, will be right next to the bright star Pollux, one of my favorites. Pollux is the brightest star in Gemini, and one of the stars of the Winter Hex-a-circle-a-gon. When you look at it, try to remember what things looked like just a few months ago, when those stars were over in the south, or even the east.

Buds are on the trees again, and good things are coming. I’m very lucky to have gotten vaccinated last week., and I hope you’ll be able to get yours soon, too.

Clear skies, everyone!

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