Three Morning Planets and the Moon!

Hey, Sky Fans!

So… remember last week when I said there wasn’t really a lot happening with the Moon this month? It’s a funny thing about that.

I keep a calendar. It’s one of those old-style planners. You know the kind. Paper, fits in your pocket, has each week spread out across two pages. Along with other boring stuff, reminders to get the shopping done, doctors appointments, deadlines to meet, I also write in exciting space things in it.

Can you read what I wrote for March 9 & 10?

So, there it is, plain as day. A non-nothing thing to do with the Moon. I just missed it. By the way, seems the new Moon is on Saturday.

If you’re the sort of person who likes to get up before dawn on a chilly late-winter morning, the next couple of days are for you. Coming up tomorrow, March 9 and then Wednesday, March 10 you gotta head out and have a look toward the east just before dawn. We’re talking like 5:30 or so A.M. That’s where you’ll see the waning crescent Moon along with three of our solar system’s major planets, including the two major-est of them all. Check it out.

That’s from Stellarium’s web version.

Right there in that corner of the sky, we have our nearest neighbor along with Mercury (“There’s ice there?!” one), ol’ J00ps, and Saturn, crowded together.

I happen to love going out in the mornings to look at the sky. The Moon’s waning crescents are backward and a little unsettling, plus the day is peaceful and calm, before the mayhem starts.

This is extra cool because… have you ever seen Mercury? It’s always tough to see, even in the best of circumstances because it’s so close to the Sun that it never gets too far from its glare in our sky. To see it now when the whole sky is yours… like, wow. Also, if you’ve been wondering what Jupiter and Saturn have been up to for the last couple of months, now you’ll know.

What’s more is we have our solar system’s biggest and smallest major planets right alongside each other. I like that.

I’m not sure I’ll make it out, I have to admit, but I hope you’ll take a look. Sorry if I let you down the other day.

Clear skies, everyone!

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