A New Year’s Eve Video!

Hey, Sky Fans!

Happy new year (let’s not get ahead of ourselves). I hope you’re staying safe and well, and have been able to enjoy your holidays, whatever you’re celebrating.

I did a video thing!

Just in time for New Year’s Eve, here’s a project I’ve been working on with Sky & Telescope and Worldwide Telescope for a while.

Here we talk about one of my favorite things to do this time of year: taking time out of New Year’s Eve to track down the 15 brightest stars you can see in the northern hemisphere. They’re all above the horizon at some point between sunset tonight and sunrise tomorrow.

I hope you’ll check this out. It’s all naked-eye stuff, so it’s great if you’re just getting started with the skies. It’s cloudy here, so I’m out of luck. If you don’t make it either, don’t worry, this’ll still be around for a while.

I’m really proud of it, and I hope you like it. Plus a nod to my old friend Jim Kelly (not on FB) for the music work.

Happy new year, thanks for stopping by, and Clear Skies, everyone!


    1. Hey, Jon! How have you been? I hope you’re doing well and keeping safe. It’s really great to hear from you again. I’m glad you liked this one. Thanks for watching and everything. Happy new year to you and yours. Let’s keep in touch.

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