Thanksgiving Together with Orion

Hey, sky fans!
How are you holding up? Things haven’t been easy.

Here in the US, #Thanksgiving is… I’ll say it… the best holiday, with the food and the more food. But with #Covid-19 being the beast that it is, things will be less-than this year. Safety is important, though, of course.

It’s been very busy around here, just like I’m sure it has been for you, but I wanted to share an article I did for the good folks over at BBC Sky at Night Magazine about Thanksgiving under the stars with Orion. We all share the same sky; we can get through all this together. Maybe this will help a little.

Thanks for reading, and for being part of my life for as long as you have. I really appreciate it, especially this year, more than you know. I hope you have a great, and safe, Thanksgiving however and wherever you spend it.

… and don’t forget to check out Orion!

Clear skies, everyone!


  1. This must be the most disruptive and difficult years in US History. As far as covid is concerned, I hope that when the vaccine arrives that it will bring a swift end to the suffering.
    As for politics, I hope decency and normality will be with you from 20th January.
    Regards from Dow Nunder.

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    1. Man, you ain’t kidding. January 20 can’t come soon enough. It’s been relentless, everyday… something new and terrible, and it’s just getting worse. Second wave? No, this is still the first wave. I’ve wanted to visit (or *more than* visit) Australia for many, many years. When I saw Victoria was down to zero cases the other day… congratulations to all of you there for getting to that point… I’m very envious. Keep up the great work.


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