Thank You, Teachers, Nurses and Moms!

Hey, eveyone! How’s things going? Snowy here… because… Why wouldn’t it be snowing?

No astronomy today, but at the end of what was both Nurses Appreciation Week and Teachers Appreciation Week, especially this year, and with Mother’s Day tomorrow, I didn’t want to miss out on saying thanks.

I often don’t know how teachers and nurses do their jobs under the best of circumstances, and moms, too, but these days, you’re all part of the glue holding the world together, and I can’t tell you enough how thankful I am. Thank you, too, for all the kind words and encouragement you’ve given me here.

A day, a week… it’s probably not enough, and you probably don’t hear it enough, but thank you. Deeply, sincerely, thank you, for everything you do every day.

…and if you happen to be a mom who’s also a nursing teacher… extra wow.

I’m off to make a Mother’s day card. So, thanks for stopping by everyone, and a great Mother’s Day, to all moms, past, present, and future.


  1. Hey, Scott: Did you just change the privacy settings on the blog? Or were you getting spammed or something? Just wondering why I got “kicked out” for a little bit and had to ask for permission to get back in.


    1. Hey Jon. You’re right… I turned things to private and took a break for a few days because I was having a frustrating time dealing with a user whose comments were… well, frustrating. 🙂 We can talk more about it off the comments if you want (my email is in the about page). Thanks for noticing and all. I opened things back up last night. I hope you’re well.

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