I Have A New Column!

Hey, Sky Fans!

Here’s a quick post today, a little self-promotion.

I’m really excited about this. I’ve been asked to take some of the writing I’ve been doing and spin it off into a new “Word of the Month” online column for the wonderful Sky at Night Magazine.

If you’ve read enough of what I do around here, it’s just what you’d expect: a quick and light look at some word from astronomy, including some of my own illustrations. My first post just went up yesterday. This month, I take a look at ice.

“Ice”, from Sky at Night Magazine

Like I said, I’m really excited about this, appreciate the opportunity and everything else from the great people at Sky at Night, and am really looking forward to seeing where this will go. Thanks to all of you for reading around here. I hope you’ll have a look there when you have a few minutes, and leave a comment and stuff if you like it.

Thanks again, clear skies, and have a great weekend, everyone!




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