Five Other Watery Places!

Hey, hey, sky fans! Happy Friday!

Yesterday, NASA announced a whole bunch of amazing, inspiring, spinning-head-inducing news about Saturn’s tiny, watery moon Enceladus and Jupiter’s giant, watery Europa. No life of anything has been found. Believe me, that’d be a HUGE story, but there’s lots of thinking that the conditions at those places could, could, be hospitable to life. It’s amazing news. It’s amazing to think conditions that could bring about life not just happened somewhere else in the universe, but happened somewhere else in our own apartment (galactacally speaking). Here on Earth, where there’s water, there’s life, so… I’ve had a little too much tea, maybe. Let’s not let it be said that it’s not a great time for space exploration.

Anyhow, more on all of that another time. For now, here are five places in our solar system, other than Europa, Enceladus, and our own Earth, where it’s believed there could be liquid water. Go!

  1. Ganymede: Jupiter’s giant, bigger-than-Mercury moon, and the third most distant Galilean.
  2. Ceres: The biggest thing in the main asteroid belt between Mars & Jupiter.
  3. Triton: Neptune’s biggest moon, the biggest moon in a retrograde (backward relative to the planet’s rotation) orbit, and one of my personal favorites.
  4. Pluto: Styx, Nix, Kerberos, Hydra, and, to a lesser extent, Charon’s primary.
  5. Callisto: Jupiter’s second biggest, and the solar system’s third biggest moon. It’s the most distant of the Galilean moons.

If you’re celebrating, I hope you’re having a happy Passover or have a happy Easter ahead of you. If not, I hope you’re just having a great week. After this week, when I mostly failed to not write (the mark of a true writer, I guess), I’ll be back next week. If you’re reading, Io, get with it.

Have a great weekend, and clear skies, everyone!

Ganymede (from NASA)
Ganymede (from NASA)

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