Proof of Uranus!

Hey, sky fans! Told you I might back later. This is a quick one. We had some really gorgeous skies last night, and I couldn’t stay away. Not that I wanted to, of course. While my daughter and I were outside, I grabbed this photo with my tiny little pocket camera:

Looking west, March 2, 2017, about 7:30 PM
Looking west, March 2, 2017, about 7:30 PM

That really bright thing in the middle is the crescent moon, overloading my camera’s sensor. 15 seconds at ISO 400 is a long time for that much light, even the mellow light from the moon.

At the bottom right is Venus, also a crescent, be it an indiscernible one. Mars is between Venus and the moon. Up toward the top right above the moon you can see the Pleiades, and more toward the left is the Hyades, a bit of it lost out of frame.

Let’s zoom in a bit on the part in the blue box. You’ll see we have a guest.

Mars, Venus, and Uranus March 2, 2017
Mars, Venus, and Uranus March 2, 2017

There’s Uranus! Uranus has been hiding in the darkness, among the dim stars of Pisces. The sunlight it reflects to us does its best, but is too weak to make the nearly four-billion-mile round-trip and still be visible in my light-polluted skies with the naked eye. The camera, though, is able to make a moment last a long time, in this case 15 seconds, and collect all of that light into one place. If it hadn’t been so windy, I might have stayed out a bit longer and tried to suck up even more light, but I had what I was after, so I went inside for some tea and some Gin Rummy.

Another planet to check off the list, and it’s been there all along, hiding just out of view lately. If you have a pair of binoculars, now’s a great time. You never know. I hope you can have a look.

Have a great weekend, and clear skies, everyone!


12 thoughts on “Proof of Uranus!

    1. Sorry… if it’s any consolation to you, it’s been pretty cloudy around here pretty much since Christmastime. A clear night here, a clear night there. I’m looking forward to tonight’s occultation of Aldebaran, but I think it’s going to cloud up quickly again once the sun sets.

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