Venus at its 2017 Brightest!

A quick astroprogramming note, Sky Fans. That really bight thing that’s been looming in the western skies a couple hours after sunset is the planet Venus, the super-toxic, crushing atmosphere one. Other than the sun and Moon, Venus is the brightest thing in the sky, and it’s at its brightest for all of 2017 for the next couple of nights; best tonight and tomorrow (Feb. 16 and 17), when it’ll be inside 40 million miles away. Around my windy corner of the northeast, it’s setting at about 9:00, a bit later. Mars, dim and orange, is near it, too, at about 10:00 relative to Venus. No exotic lenses needed. Just get out there and have a look! Clear skies!


2 thoughts on “Venus at its 2017 Brightest!

  1. Great shot, Jim! Thanks for posting it. I really want to get my telescope set back up so I can see things like this. That’s the problem with telescopes, I guess, is they can be a lot of work. That’s why I stick with naked eye and binoculars most of the time. Stuff like this shot of Venus, though, really make me feel like I’m missing out and should get back to it.


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