The Earth and Moon from Mars

Hey, everyone, and happy Friday. Here’s to you for making it through another week. I hope you’ve got something good planned for the weekend. Thanks for stopping by.

I’m sure you’ve seen this photo by now. It came out last week, I think. I’d bet I was one of the last to see it.

The Earth and Moon from the Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter (From NASA)
The Earth and Moon from the Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter (From NASA)

That, right there, is all of humanity. All of it, except for the various human-built robots in one part of the solar system or another. Everywhere people have gone, be it Morocco, Malaysia, or the moon, every place where every astronaut has worked and lived. Every mother, father, daughter, and son. Every space station, flower pot, transistor radio, and baseball field. All of it. There in that one photo. Not to mention the plants, bacteria, and other life that truly run the world.

The Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter took the photo in November 2016, what would have been Edwin Hubble’s 133rd birthday. It’s a composite, a couple of photos stuck together, so that the moon and earth would appear at similar brightness. The moon is actually quite a bit darker, less reflective, so it would have been impossible to expose the frame to get both to look equally bright. You probably didn’t come here to read about photographic technique.

I’ve been trying to write about this photo since I saw it, but it’s hard to come up with the right thing to say sometimes. I can’t stop looking, and dreaming. There’s so much promise there, and who knows what the promise that there is there will find in some part of the galaxy that isn’t in that photo. So, maybe just enjoy it, and see if you can find yourself or a couple of your friends in the frame. You’re there somewhere.

Have a great weekend, everyone, and clear skies!


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