Farewell, Vera Rubin

It’s kind of late here, but I didn’t want to miss saying a few words about Vera Rubin. As is 2016’s way, today we learned that Vera Rubin, an astronomer whose work studying galaxies lead to the theory of dark matter has died. She was 88. She was also a leader among women in science, who said “There is no problem in science that can be solved by a man that cannot be solved by a woman.” In 1965, she was the first woman permitted to observe at the Palomar Observatory. She had a long, full, and incredible life, and is, without question, a hero in her field. Thank you, and rest in peace, Ms. Rubin.

Vera Rubin
Vera Rubin (from the National Space Grant Foundation)

You can read more about Ms. Rubin here, from NPR and here from the National Space Grant Foundation.


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