Photos from Friday Night

Hey, sky fans! I hope you had a terrific weekend, full of all kinds of Decembery fun.

Friday night, the skies cleared. After weeks of waiting, all of us around this damp and wintry corner of the northeast were finally treated to a view of the Moon, Venus and Mars setting over river and hills to the west. I like to watch things in that part of the sky popping from the fading blue as the Sun settles behind the far-off hills. From our perspective, they aren’t in the skies at all until they’ve  already started to set. It’s like seeing only the end of a great movie, and looking forward to getting a chance to see the first two hours, to find out how the ending was left to unfold.

My neighborhood has a problem, though: too many street lights. Light pollution is a real problem. Around the world, there’s too much wasted light, even far outside cities, and no one can get a good view of the skies anymore. Lots of animals can’t live the lives they’ve evolved to live because they fall out of sync with the night and day cycles thanks to the unnecessary extra light people have given them.

So, with that complaint about light pollution in mind, here’s a couple of photos I was able to grab with my little Canon PowerShot something-or-other camera. Friday evening. These two shots were taken… eh… I dunno… maybe a half hour apart. In the second one, you can really see the flares from the streetlight I spent most of that intervening half hour trying to block from the camera. I did the best I could. You can still see the Moon, Mars, and Venus in both photos. In the first, the brighter one, Mars is tangled in among the upper in the tree near branches. You know… where someone wrote “Mars” in green letters in the sky. Altair, which you can see… plain… as day… in the second photo couldn’t be reached for comment in time for the first one.

Remember, tonight, it’ll all be pretty great, too, with the three in a long diagonal with the Moon at the top. I hope you can see something. I’ll post more photos if I can. Clear skies, everyone!

The southwest skies around 5:00pm, December, 2, 2016
The southwest skies aro0und 5:30om, December 2, 2016

10 thoughts on “Photos from Friday Night

  1. Oh, yeah, space music. I love that stuff, but it always seems strange and wrong to listen to unless you’re looking at stars, or in a planetarium looking at a movie of stars. It’d be strange to have on over pizza or a baseball game.


  2. Just recently, I had a really hard time explaining to someone what light pollution is. I had to make this complicated analogy involving Christmas lights in the dark versus Christmas lights in a brightly lit room before they finally got it.

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  3. Yeah, it’s interesting. Now that you put this in my head, I remember a time a year or two ago when I got into a conversation about light pollutio, and it was just a matter of moving away from a street light to say “See? No stars here, but…. stars here.” Coherent or not, mixing astronomy with indoor trees and, maybe, spicy Christmas beers is good. 🙂

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