Equinox Your Socks Off

Hey, folks. Well, that’s it. Just a little while ago, the Sun crossed the celestial equator. So, now, in the northern hemisphere, it’s fall, and in the southern hemisphere, it’s spring. Congratulations, and welcome.

If you can, have a look at the sunset tonight. For the first time since March’s equinox, and for that matter, for the last time until next March’s, the old saying “The Sun rises in the east and sets in the west” will be true. At the equinoxes, the Sun sets due west everywhere on Earth.

From here you can keep an eye on where the Sun disappears each night, and see the sunsets gradually move further and further south. As they do, from the northern perspective, the Sun’s path across the sky, the ecliptic, will get lower, and it’ll take the Sun less time to make it from dawn to dusk. The days will get shorter and shorter until December’s solstice.

The last sunset of summer 2016, just north of due west

Speaking of things changing, here’s an equinox tip: The first day of a new season is a great time to change your toothbrush. Seasons are about three months long, and toothbrushes last about three months. Now, you don’t have to feel bad when you forget.

Right… the whole “socks” thing just fit the rhyme. Come on. You knew that. Have a great day, and a great fall, everyone.


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