A Few Quiet Saturday Minutes

Hey, everybody. Thanks for stopping by and spending a little bit of your Saturday here. It’s always nice to see you.

These aren’t the best photos of my career, but I wanted to share a couple of shots I took with my little pocket click-0-camera a little while ago of the Moon and Venus as they set into the night.

My daughter and I walked out to have a look when we realized we both needed a break from a late-summer barbecue. We sat, talked, and watched them glowing against the blue sky, and saw them brighten as the blue deepened, and turned to yellow, then orange, then purple. By the time I got to the lower photo, there wasn’t much I could do about the camera shake, so there’s some blur. Even using her head as a tripod didn’t work. Still, you can see the Moon and Venus there. Jupiter had already turned in by the time we got there.

The far-off laughter and music, which was fun earlier, had faded and mixed in among the chirping birds and early crickets. For those few minutes, sitting on one of our favorite patches of curb, in our own private universe, we got to see this show.

These two shots were taken maybe 15 or 20 minutes apart, but the skies had changed and matured tremendously in that time.

It’s a challenge, or maybe a puzzle, but I hope you can see them in the first photo, which is my favorite of them. Venus is at about four o’clock relative to the Moon, a short distance away; just a pinprick in the blue. An entire world the size of ours in a single pixel.


In this this second shot, I zoomed in, but got the blur I mentioned.


I love these early crescent Moon phases. They’re subtle and unobtrusive. The minute it’s dark enough to see them, dark enough to catch you’re eye, it seems like their gone. Part of their beauty is how quickly they vanish. Like summer itself, a lot of what makes them so wonderful is how fleeting they are.

I hope you have clear skies, everyone, and enjoy these closing days of summer too.


3 thoughts on “A Few Quiet Saturday Minutes

    1. Thanks, James. It’s true, I agree. I find some of the best conversations I have with my family happen under the stars. I love winter, but I miss those times when the weather turns cold.

      By the by, I’ve been meaning to spend more time with your blog lately. I love what you’re doing, but haven’t had a chance to spend the time yet.

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