Venus and Jupiter

Hey, sky fans! Another quick post today.

Tomorrow evening, August 27, just as the Sun drops from view, Jupiter and Venus, which are the two brightest things in our sky after the Sun and Moon, will pass each other in the twilight sky. When they do, they’ll cross within half of a degree of each other in the sky. That’s incredibly close! It’s so close that you might not even be able to see them apart in the sky with your naked eye. Of course, they’ll still be about a half billion miles apart in real life, but the view we’ll have will be great.

It’ll really be a sight, especially if you’ve been watching this whole drama unfold over the last few days.

Venus & Jupiter in the western sky, 7:30pm August 27, 2016

If you head out just as the Sun’s setting until maybe a half hour or so afterward, you’ll be able to see them low in the western sky. Mercury will be there, too, but it’ll probably be too low and hard to see, so I didn’t bother putting it in my drawing. Maybe that was a mistake. Maybe you’ll be able to see it. After tonight, they’ll continue to sink lower into the evening earlier and earlier. By the second week of September or so, they’ll drop from view and disappear for a while.

You’re really going to want to see this, so if you can make the time, I promise it’ll be worth it.

I really hope, this time, you’ll have clear skies, everyone!


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