That Mars-Saturn-Antares Thing

Hey, sky fans! I got tired of the cloudy skies near my place clogging up my view of the universe, so I skipped town for a few days. To show how much I care about you, though, readers, I have a couple of posts up my sleeve. First, I wanted to remind you about tomorrow night’s line-up of Mars, Saturn, and Antares in your southern skies through the mid-evening. Depending on how your tastes sit, it’ll be great either tomorrow night or the next. A bit of a slanty line in one direction one night, a bit in the other direction the other. Take your pick. I happen to like my ice cream with sprinkles and caramel sauce, so I’ll be watching both nights.

Saturn, Mars, and Antares in the southwest sky, 9:00pm August 23, 2016

After tomorrow night, Mars will continue moving toward the east and the triangle that the three of them have been making will stretch out in the other direction for a while before the whole thing sets toward the end of September or early October.

Here’s the skies to the south tomorrow night at around 9:30pm on August 23. If you can take a few breaths outside, it’ll be worth it.

Clear skies, everyone!




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