Happy 80th Birthday Margaret Hamilton

Hey, everyone. I missed writing about this yesterday, but thanks to the science writin’ people down at IFLScience (sorry, I can’t find a direct link on their page), I was reminded that yesterday was the 80th birthday of Margaret Hamilton, who was a pioneer, and a pioneering woman, among computer scientists and systems engineers.

Margaret Hamilton in action.jpg
By NASA – http://www.nasa.gov/50th/50th_magazine/scientists.html, Public Domain, https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=37255847

Ms. Hamilton is one of the computer scientists who worked on the Apollo Program, and her work on the vehicles’ guidance system was instrumental to the program’s success. When Apollo 11 ran into some trouble during its landing, it was her work that helped get them to the ground safely. Without her work, the Apollo program might never have gotten to the moon. She went on to work on the Skylab program as well.

I admit I don’t know very much about her, but I’ve wanted to learn more for a while. I didn’t want another day to go by without posting a birthday wish. So, happy belated 80th!


9 thoughts on “Happy 80th Birthday Margaret Hamilton

  1. You’re welcome, Maria. Almost all of the important people in my life are women (or women-to-be), and 51% of the most important people in the world are, too, so it’s important to share these sorts of things. The largely ignored contributions women have made to science have been tremendous. To science… and to the world. It seems crazy that these days we still have these lines to work around.

    Thanks, as always, for reading, and for all you do.

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    1. Wow… thank you. No, I’m not a teacher, but that’s a huge complement; the best I’ve gotten in a long time, so thank you. I’ve spent most of my adult life in the corporate world, but recently walked away to try something new. Maybe that something new will be teaching. It was something I’ve thought a lot about over the years.

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