Last Night’s Moon & Jupiter

Hey, everyone. Do you feel the same way I do? I love young phases of the moon, like tonight’s. They settle quietly into the night early enough to see them out my back window; early enough to leave the skies dark, starry, and inviting. Last night, I stood outside with my daughter, and snapped this unimpressive photo as we watched the crescent Moon and Jupiter sink behind the faraway hills. As I held her, we looked on and, from half a billion miles away, watched an entire other world vanish. It was a peaceful moment at the end of a busy Saturday. The crescent sat alone in a lightly starred sky. We talked about the Moon, about its phases, and wonder what it must be like to see the Earth from some far-off spot. Imagine, I told her, somewhere, hundreds of thousands of miles away, there’s a place where the Earth’s and Moon’s phases are the same.

The Moon (upper left) and Jupiter (lower right), August 6, 2016

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