Hey, everyone! When you step outside tomorrow, have an extra look at the high, welcoming blue, maybe take in an extra lungful of warm air as a dragonfly zips by. Tomorrow’s the 48th day since June 20th’s solstice, since summer started north of the equator. We’ll be just past the midway point before September 22nd’s equinox; the first day of fall. It doesn’t seem very long ago that we were talking about how exciting it was that the full Moon was on the same day as the solstice. The Earth has gone about an eighth of the way around the Sun since then.

From here, there are fewer of those slow, pink-and-orange sunsets ahead of us than behind us, and you may have noticed those sunsets are arriving earlier and falling faster than you thought. Near where I live, the Sun will drop behind the hills across the river at 8:04pm, which is about a half hour earlier than it was just a few weeks ago. By the end of the week, it’ll send up a cloud of dusk before 8:00pm for the first time since early May. So, the pools and beaches will start to shut down, not just because it’s closing time, but because the stars and Moon will start peeking out of the deepening dome overhead first.


I’ve always loved August. The irritability of July has ended, and the indecisiveness of September hasn’t come yet. I don’t know about you, but no matter how many cannonballs I’ve done and how many s’mores I’ve eaten, there’s always time for one more. Now, if I can just find my hat… and the marshmallows.

Have a great second half of summer, everyone!


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