Happy Aphelion Day!

Hey, sky fans! Happy aphelion day! You might remember that the Earth’s orbit around the Sun isn’t a circle; it’s a slightly elongated ellipse. Well, today’s the day when the Earth reaches its farthest point from the Sun for the year. Late last night or early this morning, depending on where you are, it was 152,103,775 km (94,512,904 miles) away. This is only about 5 million km (3 million miles) off from perihelion in January. From here, it’ll start inching back inward, closer to the Sun, and get about 1000 km (600ish miles) closer today. Have a great day, everyone, and when you take that last bite of your hot dog later, remember the Earth will be just a little closer to the Sun than it was when you took the first one. Clear skies, everyone!


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