Three Nights in June

Hi, folks. I hope you had a chance to check in on last night’s well-hyped full moon, and maybe had a strawberry or two while you were at it. As I say all the time, anything to get people to look up is worth it. I have to admit, though, I was a bit cynical about it all, with that nickname being all over the news, but it really was a gorgeous full moon last night; nice and low in the sky. A bit of summertime calm.

Clouds came and went, though, near Sky Watch HQ, so I wasn’t able to take any photos, even as photos of the moon go. If you have a minute, though, have a look at this. From top down, it’s pretty much the same chunk of the southern skies at around 10:00 on June 17, June 18, and June 19. You can see the Moon slide through the constellation Scorpius, past the planets Saturn and Mars. You can also see Mars and Saturn inching apart. The Moon’s very bright, though, and I was exposing for the planets and nearby stars, so all you see is a white blur, but you get the idea.

I love to watch the Moon move across the sky from one night to the next. It’s always moving, of course, but for most of us it takes a whole day for us to notice the change, that 13-degree jump it makes across the sky from night to night (360 degrees in an orbit divided by about 28 days per). It’s one of the few chances we have to see the solar system in action, and see that everything, everything, is moving all the time. It gives a real grounding, a real sense of place. The planets being there, too, really help to amplify the effect of it all.

Clear skies, everyone!

The southern skies on June 17-June 19, 2016, about 10:00pm EDT

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