One Moon, Three Planets

Hey, everyone. Starting tonight, we’ve got a few good nights of Moon-and-planet watching coming up. Tonight and tomorrow, the waxing crescent moon will be sneaking up behind Jupiter in our western skies. Tonight, June 10, it’ll be putting on a nice show between Jupiter and Regulus over in Leo. Then, it’ll get within about four degrees—say, two fingers held at arms length—tomorrow night, June 11.

By the end of next week, June 16, 17, and 18, you can see the waxing gibbous Moon make its way through the southern skies and pass just above Mars and Saturn as it grows toward fullness in time for the north’s summer solstice. It’ll form a tidy triangle between the two planets on the 17th and then be very close, only a bit more than two degrees from Saturn—the width of a finger at arm’s length—on the 18th.

Through the magic of television, here we have these two drawings for you of what the sky will be like, with tonight and tomorrow on the right and next week’s fun on the left. Try to have a look. Clear skies, everyone!



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