Saturn, Dione, Enceldus

Hey, Sky Fans! Happy Friday to you, and congrats for getting through another week. This week, let’s keep things a little closer to home. Here’s a photo from the Cassini spacecraft, which has been traveling around among the planet Saturn and its moons since 2004. It’s been taking photos and sending back a huge amount of information about the Saturn system since it’s been there. Here’s a great photo of Saturn’s moon Dione set against the planet’s famous rings. Off in the distance to the upper-right you can see Enceladus, which, despite my spelling dictionary insisting I mean Enchiladas, is thought to have a huge water ocean under its icy surface. Cassini was about 44,000 miles from Dione when it took this photo last June. Clear skies, everyone, and have a great weekend and maybe some Enceladus… er… enchiladas!



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