Mars at Opposition (With Other Stuff)

Hey, Sky Fans! Don’t forget! Late this Saturday night into Sunday will be a great chance to see a terrific conjunction of the planets Mars and Saturn, the full moon, and the bright star Antares putting on a rectangular show lowish in your southeastern skies. Mars will be very bright and at opposition—in a straight line with the Earth and Sun—and will keep getting brighter for a few more days thanks to some exciting orbital intrigue. We’ll talk more about that soon. Here’s a screen from Stellarium of what the sky will look like at around 1am Sunday near Sky Watch HQ, as well as my stab at the same scene from a few days ago. Trust me, the real thing will be better and worth staying up late for. Clear skies, everyone!



3 thoughts on “Mars at Opposition (With Other Stuff)

    1. Yeah. Seems that’s always the way, doesn’t it? The sky’s gorgeous tonight, though. It’s just not *AS* gorgeous as it will be tomorrow. Here’s hoping someone’ll make a point of seeing it tomorrow. I hope the skies open up for you. Thanks for checking in; keep up the great work on your site.

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