Messier 102 / NGC 5866

Hey, sky fans. Happy Friday. We’ve made it, again. Here’s to you, and congrats for getting through. For today, here’s a photo I love, taken by Hubble. This is Messier 102 (Also NGC 5866), a lenticular galaxy 50 million light years away in the constellation Draco, the dragon.

ACS Image of NGC 5866

Here on Earth, we see this one edge-on. So, with that and the big dust lane, which is unusual for lenticular galaxies, gives some thought that it might actually be a misclassified spiral galaxy. The dark area in the middle there is the dust lane, which is dark because visible light can’t penetrate the dust. It’s about 60,000 light years across, smaller than our Milky Way.

If it’s as rainy where you are as it’s been for me, here’s hoping the clouds lift for a bit. Enjoy your weekend, everyone!


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