From Old Books

Hey, hey, everyone. I hope you’re having a great week so far.

Many of you know, and it’s probably not much of a surprise to those of you who don’t, I have a small collection of astronomy books. Some of them are new, and some are old, and are mostly the ones that opened my eyes to what’s going on out there once the lights came on for me that day in second grade. These are the books that inspired with me when I was a kid, still help me with my writing all these years later, and I can draw a very clear line from them to where I am now.

Lots of them cover the same things, each in their own way, and I love seeing how they handle them. When I get another, one of the first things I turn to is the page about what’s probably my favorite thing in the sky, the Pleaides Cluster (Messier 45). We’re having a quiet day down here at Sky Watch HQ, so I’ve been flipping through them a little with my kids, who have been asking some questions about the things they’re seeing.

Photos are always wonderful, but here are four paintings and drawings from three of the books on my shelves. I love the detail, and how they were able to do something so gorgeous in such a low-tech way. Maybe you’ll get a kick out of seeing a couple of my favorites. I’ll note each book below.

The Pleiades from some old astronomy books

The pictures above are photos of pictures from:

  • Left: Stars: A Golden Guide, by Herbert Zim & Robert Baker (c. 1975), p. 94.
  • Mid-Left: Stars & Planets, A Golden Stamp Book, no author listed, (c. 1973), p. 40.
  • Mid-Right: Manual of Astronomy: A Text-Book, by Charles A. Young (c. 1902 (yes, 1902)), p. 551
  • Right: Manual of Astronomy: A Text-Book, by Charles A. Young (c. 1902), p. 548 (this is the same book as the mid-right one).

So, what do you think? Do you have any favorite books that inspired you and you still love looking through?


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