Jupiter – Moon – Regulus (Again)

Hey, sky fans. Happy Sunday! I’ll keep this quick; I’m sure you have just as much running around left in your day as I do. I didn’t want you to miss out, though. So, here’s the news. Tonight, the waxing gibbous Moon, and the kingly planet, Jupiter, will be meeting up for another one of this recent group of gorgeous conjunctions. As Mercury sets off in the west, you can turn around and see Joops, which has been hanging around in the constellation Leo for a while, and the Moon only about two and a half degrees apart — so the width of just a couple of fingers held out at arm’s length — high in the southern sky. Here’s a screen of that part of the sky at around 9:00 tonight. You can see the two along with the double-double star Regulus, one of my favorite stars, not too far away. If you have a minute, have a glance. As always, looking at Jupiter’s a gas. Clear skies, everyone!

jup moon reg apr 17 2016
Jupiter, the Moon, and Regulus in Leo (from Stellarium)

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